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To all my current and future patients – update – September 11, 2019.

As I am finishing my NIH funded research at WCM I want to share with you that I am joining New York State’s largest private employer and health care provider system as clinician and scientist.

My new office will be located in Long Island. We are doing everything to open my office as soon as possible but it may take up to 3 more months for everything to be set.  Setting the lab and sperm sorting will take bit longer but we should be up and running in 2020.

If you need to be seen sooner than November/December please consider seeing Dr. Boback Berookhim

Office phone number: 212-434-4650
Address: 170 East 77th Street, Suite B, New York, NY 10075

Dr. Berookhim is part of the same Department I am joining.

Please request your records from my old office by calling 1-212-746-5309.

Please check my website: and my twitter account @drPaduch for updates.

Feel free to email me, but please remember that I won’t be able to provide any medical advice via email.

Again, it has been my absolute pleasure to take care of you and your kids.
I look forward to seeing you soon!…

Darius A. Paduch, MD, PhD

Herbert Fisk Johnson Associate Professor of Urology and Reproductive Medicine, WCM

President and Chief Scientist, Consulting Research Services, Inc.