Penile pump and girth increase

“Hey there Dr. Paduch, 

I recently read a quote from you in GQ about the use of pumps and the ability to increase the size of a man’s penis. I was curious if you’ve ever found pumps to add permanent enlargement? Or are there any studies on this available? I’m looking for girth specifically and I would like to do anything I can to avoid surgery.

I truly appreciate your time.

Thank you.” 

Dr. Paduch’s answer: There aren’t many studies published on “penile pump use for girth expansion,” but from my experience, girth depends on levels of two hormones. These two hormones are testosterone, and a growth hormone derivative called IGF-1 during the adolescence period. Interestingly girth can continue to increase slightly with age. My advice is to use a pump without a cock ring and only 10-15 min a day. Best to pump it up for a minute then release the pressure, then pump again for a minute and repeat the cycle 10-15x. Don’t over pump the device, and if you feel pain, stop. The increase in girth is mostly temporary but with persistent use for 3 months, we can see a 1/2 inch-full inch increase in some men.