Healthy living for guys: protein.

As disclosure I am not a registered dietitian so what I post is based on experience as a doctor treating men of all ages and my own experience.

  1. There are no miracle diets: it is about balance between caloric intake and what we burn. Fat does not burn calories, muscles do. So increasing you muscle mass actually increases your basic metabolic rate. To loose fat you actually have to eat. The guys who starve themselves lower their basic metabolic rate.
  2. Protein is the key: first to grow muscle you need protein, second protein takes energy to break down. 
  3. How much protein: as a rule of thumb but based on research and average men who wants to build muscle should eat 1-2 g of protein per pound of body weight. So 100-200 gm of protein for a husky guy of 200 pounds. 
  4. Mix the proteins sources and best way to assure you take enough protein is to count it using any of free apps you can download. 
  5. Amount of protein may need to be adjusted if you have any issues with kidneys, but we area talking here about healthy men. 
  6. Word of advice from and old man like me: if it doesn’t taste good; u won’t do it ; at least in long term. So find protein bars and shakes which actually taste good. If you like me have a family: integrate your diet into family style: cooking separate meals is not simply feasible in most busy families. 
  7. Shrimps are great but they are loaded with cholesterol, so get used to reading labels. Cook Sunday or whatever your easier day is and freeze ahead to grab a lunch with you. U will save money and calories from cafeteria food. 
  8. My few quick cooking ideas: broiled chicken breasts with pesto on top, skirt steak, tuna fish with garbanzo beans. I like my Asian store and discovered many different types of beans and legumes which are easy to cook in pressure cooker. 
  9. I don’t buy into all gluten allergies crazy unless you have celiac disease: so i buy wheat gluten and make killer low fat seitan ribs. I included few links below. Try it, you will impress your family and friends.