Treatment for Peyronie’s disease

Treatment of Peyronie’s disease

Oral medications for Peyronie’s disease help with pain but they are less effective in correcting advanced and long lasting curvatures. The earlier the patient is seen the better outcomes of treatment.

Intra-plaque (into the scar) injection of verapamil, verapamil plus Kenalog, interferone are all utilized as treatment modalities in Peyronie’s disease.

Xiaflex (collagenase) is an FDA approved injection therapy for severe Peyronie’s disease with at least 30 degrees of dorsal curvature. The treatment is performed every 6 weeks for 4 treatment courses.

Dr. Paduch at WCM campus uses shock wave therapy for Peyronie’s combined with mechanical penile stretching which seem to alleviate pain and improves curvature in initial experience. Dr Paduch is the exclusive provider of treatment with electroacoustic modifiable focus treatment modality using MTS machine. Recent meta review showed that the electroacustic therapy provides best treatment outcomes hence choosing the right provider is important in selecting your treatment.

Although Peyronie’s plaque incision and grafting is performed by all NYPH sexual medicine experts, Dr. Paduch at WCM is only provider utilizing microsurgical approach to correction of Peyronie;s disease including hour glass deformity. Microsrugical approach decreases risk of erectile dysfunction and penile desensitization after the surgery.