Communication and Refills.

We are all here to help the patients and answer their questions. The offices are typically open between 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. We do not offer walk in appointments unless so required after surgery or for emergencies and scheduled with office staff. If you have true emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department and then notify the office. Call center will connect you with covering healthcare practitioner after office hours and during weekends.

In the times of internet of everything there is no true privacy and patients often find my  cell phone or email address from publications etc. Please do not contact me on my cell phone or via private email address for any matters related to clinical care, appointments, etc.

For any scheduling, insurance and billing question call office staff or send them a message via patients portal.

For medical questions, labs review and request for refills the preferred method is to use Norhtwell secure patient portal. I encourage every patient to sign up for the Northwell patient portal. Alternatively you may call the office with any questions and requests but all requests for refills have to be made via the patient portal.

Please allow up to a  week for non-controlled substances refills and up to two weeks for controlled substances. This is due to fact that many insurance require additional steps in pre-certification for controlled substances like hormones.

There are no refills allowed in the State of New York for controlled substances like testosterone or hCG. We can only write prescription for 1 month or three months supplies each time. Patient has to be physically seen in the office to receive new prescription for controlled substance. There are no exceptions allowed. Most of the the new appointments for controlled substances are quick 5-10 min visits with Nurse Practitioner.