Dr. Paduch laboratory

Sperm is sorted into tinny droplets in a single use, sterile chamber.
We sort into tinny volumes of fluid so sperm is easy to find
Using our technology, the embryologist can easily find the sperm for in vitro fertilization

My laboratory focuses on finding ways to find and isolate sperm from ejaculate (semen) and testis tissue when other methods failed to find sperm. After years of work we are finally able to isolate sperm in cases when no sperm was found under microscope. Not only we can find sperm but using single use, sterile sorter we can isolate low number of sperm and deliver them to the embryologist who can then use such sperm for in vitro fertilization.

Such technology is only available in my laboratory and have been possible through generous support of our benefactors . Without them we would never be able to achieve such a progress.