How to schedule on-line visit?

1. To schedule telemedicine (telehealth) visit please call my office at (516) 627-5348 and talk to the secretarial staff.
2. You need to have either iPhone or android phone.
3. Go to App Store and download AW Touchpoint – it is for free
4. The staff will schedule your telemedicine appointment on specific date and time.
5. Approximately 60 to 10 minutes before scheduled appointment yo will receive a text message invitation with a link for the appointment
6. At the time of visit click on the link which will bring you to telehealth visit application and ask you to give your name
7. Select yourself as a patient
8. Allow AW Touchpoint/Avizia to access your camera and microphone
9. You and I will be visible on the screen
10. It is important that you are in quite place without much of background noise and private to best protection of your own privacy
11. If you get disconnected you can press “Reconnect call”. If physician got disconnected then stay on line so physician can connect again.
12. Schedule 30-60 min for the visit – as technical issues it may take longer time.
13. For right now we can only see patients physically located within the New York State 

Few reminders to make the telemedicine (on-line) visit easy.

You have to activate camera and microphone on your phone.  

Send by fax your past medical records or any updated labs ahead of the schedule so I can review them 

The visits are billed to your insurance same as face-to-face visits during COVID-19 epidemics.