Know your doc

Dr. Paduch’s favorites: music, films, cars, etc.

Music and music links: 

Bryan Adams, Genesis, Pink Floyd, ELO, Journey, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bronsky Beat, Depeche Mode, Yes, Jethro Tull, Coldplay, Rihanna, Eminem, Queen, many others


Guardians of The Galaxy”,”Star Wars”, “Avatar”, “The last cinema show”, “Star Trek”, “Lord of the Rings and Hobbit”, “Hair”, “Platoon”, “True Detectives season 1”, etc.


College and Professional Football, Soccer, Golf

Books and Authors:

I enjoy reading, as I like learning new things about people and myself. Ernest Hemingway: The old man and the sea. To this day I remember reading this amazing novel kneeling on my knees with the book on my bed,  imagination racing in my 12-year-old brain.  Hemingway idealization of  strong, independent, proud old man who doesn’t need to shout whom he is and who doesn’t need to advertise his victories, may have been the most influential piece of art which shaped me into a man I am today. Albert Camus’s Stranger and The Rebel are no surprises here: Camus’s writings were the fundament of my believes that true man has his own compass of honor, values, and sense of individualism allowing us for effective care for people in need. Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 , James Jones’ The thin red line and From here to Eternity and Hair (yes Hair) made me a soldier and reasons I joined US Army. I think all of last books and movie talked about finding yourself among bureaucracy, rules, and paranoia and focus on fighting for your Country, your brothers, and growing as a man.  Mitt Warden is someone I saw myself in: doing the job cos others failed to do it, questioning authority, not cutting corners, falling in complicated love, but at the end moving ahead and getting promoted to officer. James Joyce’s Ulysses, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, and Citadelle by Antoine de Saint-Exupery reflect the carrying and intellectual parts of the soldier within me: inherited comical nature of heroism, complicated nature of interpersonal interactions we have to face and learn to navigate as men transition  from being a soldier to a being a civilian, father, husband, physician, and scientist. Vladimir’s prostate problems  impedeing   his ability to finish a good joke, and overwhelming impotence Estragon and Vladimir face as old men, may be as well Beckett’s contributions to my choice of medical specialty: at the end of the day as a urologist I am helping guys with their urinary problems and sexual problems.  Yes, books were and are important in my life as good books teach us about ourselves and help us to understand and serve others. I may be an uncorrectable honest, carrying, father, officer and surgeon who believes in old stories of responsibility, integrity, humility, and humanity, but at end of the day, I think that the good docs are good people at heart. Hopefully, this short personal blob will help my patients to see me as their friend and advocate, just a man like any other who will do the best to help someone in need.