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My sanity check: old boat

Although work and research occupies most of my time, having time for myself and family is important part of being a balanced person. My favorite things to do outside of work is working on my boat, boating, swimming, hunting , and fixing computers and building staff.

The web site you are on right now is run off server I made myself and programmed in Linux using and old broken MacBook Pro.

Big problem with boating is power supply and my 10 year old Rinker 420 has had power loss off batteries. Modern boats are almost as complex as space station :). On my boat we have 9 batteries but the design of electric grid has been poor; too many mechanics adding things on without looking at whole pictures.

That resulted in frustrating trip few weeks ago when we didn’t have enough juice to draw back the anchor. Here I come.

First with help of few strong men we removed old and heavy house batteries. Then I spend two days tracking supplies lines: what a mess. Most of everything was connected to two starting batteries. Few were not even connected to ground: unless u do it urself u can’t trust the grid as my father used to say (electrician by trade) 

Now important part: monitoring. The good monitoring systems for boat which is 44 feet long cost few grands. I am a doctor not a banker lol. So I decided to design and build my own monitoring system using Raspberry following this interesting post: https://github.com/kmcallister/rpi-battery-monitor/blob/master/assets/setup.jpg