How to prepare for your appointment

I give each of my patients the time they need; some patients need more time than the others, so if I am ever running behind – I apologize but rest assured I will give you the time you need.

Before the first appointment with me, you will be registered in our electronic medical system. To make it a smooth process please have the following information ready:

  •  demographic information, we need to scan your ID into the system so please bring one
  • name and contact information of your primary care doctor
  • name and contact information of  referring doctor
  • name, address, and phone number of your local and mail order pharmacy
  • list of your current medications
  • if you are being seen for infertility please also provide name and contact of your wife’s / partner doctor
  • please call your insurance ahead and check which laboratory we should send your blood work so insurance cover it. However, please remember that some of the specialized tests are done only in our or national reference lab. My staff will inform you if we are sending the test to one of the specialized labs
  • your insurance card so we can assist you with filling the claim

Please arrive 10-15 min before your scheduled appointment. You don’t have to fast. Please try not to urinate for 1-2 hours before the appointment in case we  need to check your urine.

For patients who have problems with infertility or sexual function or have varicocele; try not to ejaculate for 2-3 days before you see me.

if you have any labs/notes/results from other physicians please email them to my office ahead of your appointment or bring the copies with you.

For new visit allocate at least 60 min time for the visit.

Ultrasounds performed by other physicians will be reviewed and if accepted there is no need to repeat them but for erectile dysfunction evaluation, we will typically repeat the ultrasound to better help you.