How to prepare for your appointment

First: I give each of my patients time they need. It is medicine and sometimes emergencies occur; some patients need more time than plan; so please be patient.

Before first appointment you will be registered in our electronic medical system called EPIC. Best way to do this is by calling my office and talking to Cris. We are preparing a form u will be able soon to use to help with the process . Always have your insurance card and your local pharmacy number and your home delivery number for chronic medications. 

My staff has been with me for years so don’t be bashful the more Cris knows why you are seeing me the better we will be able to plane ahead and keep everything on time .  

Please arrive 10-15 min before your scheduled appointment. You don’t have to fast. Please try not to urinate for 1-2 hours before appointment and ask Cris (not technitians) if we need to check your urine.

For patients who have problems with infertility or sexual function or have Varicocele; try not to ejaculate for 2-3 days before you see me.

if you have any labs/notes/results  from other physicians please email them to Cris ahead of your appointment or bring with you.

For new visit allocate at least 60 min time for the visit.

more info coming soon.